The National Green Development Fund conducted a site visit to HiPhi to learn about the progress of its low-carbon development


On December 13, Zhang Rongqing, General Manager of the National Green Development Fund Co., Ltd., and his delegation conducted a field investigation to the Shanghai Operation Center of Human Horizons. Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, accompanied the group and had an in-depth discussion with the guests on green and low-carbon development.




The guests listened to the introduction of the three models of HiPhi X, HiPhi Y and HiPhi Z, watched closely the different characters of each car in terms of performance, driving control and design, and took a test drive with great interest. Later on, the guests paid a visit to the buildings of Design, Engineering, Intelligent Cockpit and ADAS to learn about the latest generation of in-vehicle gesture recognition, which is developed on AI and EE architecture. They took a close look of the 3D printed parts, and learned about the advanced study and R&D progress in intelligent driving.


After learned about the company and the brand of HiPhi, Zhang Rongqing, general manager of the National Green Development Fund Co., Ltd., said that the National Green Development Fund has been committed to the green development all along, and strictly abided by the implementation of the national strategy of Environmental Protection and Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality goals, in order to facilitate the green transformation of the real economy. New energy vehicles are an area of great concern for industrial funds. Today's visit left a nice impression of HiPhi as a high tech company and witnessed its distinctive edge in design, R&D, testing and professional teams. While taking the test drive of HiPhi Y and HiPhi Z, Mr Zhang was particularly impressed by its high-techy performance and handling. HiPhi has established a good reputation as TechLuxe® brand in China's high end EV market.


Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi said that the industrial transformation brought about by the development of energy, communication and artificial intelligence has made new energy vehicles a sunrise industry, and HiPhi aims to build a world-class high-end brand in China and provide users with a safe, efficient and pleasant green travel experience with advanced technology. In this process, HiPhi will keep forging ahead with green and low-carbon practice, and make continuous contributions to its development.


At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on further strengthening cooperation in the field of green industries and empowering China achieve green and low-carbon transformation.

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