HiPhi and Wukong Travel have reached a strategic cooperation to innovate and deliver green travel scenarios

A few days ago, HiPhi and Wukong Travel signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai, and the two sides agreed to give full play to the advantages of products, services, channels and other advantageous resources, focus on the multi-dimensional car use scenarios, and adopt the new service of "car rental + test drive + self-driving" to allow more users to enjoy high-end green travel experience, promote the wide application of intelligent EV cars, and accelerate the transformation and development of green travel.

Mr Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of HiPhi Mr Hu Xianhe, founder and CEO of Wukong Travel Mr Zheng Yimin, general manager of HiPhi Sales Company Mr Zhu Xu, co-founder of Wukong Travel and CEO of AVIS (China), Mr Zheng Yimin and Mr Zhu Xu signed the contract on behalf of both parties.


In recent years, China's new energy vehicle has boomed, expediting the leasing market of EV cars to grow. According to Wukong Travel's statistics, in 2023, new energy vehicle rental orders accounted for 22%, of which high-end EV orders accounted for 65%. As a leading provider of travel service, Wukong Travel seizes the opportunity of industry and has been committed to enabling high-end users to experience the latest and greatest products and services in a timely manner.

This time, Wukong Travel has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with HiPhi, a representative of the global high-end EV brands, aiming to create a new scenario of "car rental + test drive + self-driving" for users, meeting the green travel needs of users more conveniently. At the same time, this cooperation aimed to build an exclusive in-depth test drive for HiPhi based on its own foundation in service. It is reported that HiPhi Y comprehensive test drive service was available on the Wukong Travel APP, and users can enjoy HiPhi's leading TechLuxe® and intelligent driving experience by just clicking and making an appointment in the app.


Zheng Yimin, general manager of HiPhi Sales Company, said at the signing ceremony that since the launch of HiPhi models, he has felt the love and support for new energy vehicles from the market, especially for high-end brands, and the appointments and test drive requests across the country increased day by day. Through Wukong Travel’s professional service platform, HiPhi will provide users with more green, intelligent, high-tech and luxurious travel options. In the near future, users can easily make an appointment of HiPhi Y test drive, and our other models will be available in the platform gradually. We are excited to work with our industry-leading partners to advance green mobility with joint hands."

Zhu Xu, co-founder of Wukong Travel and CEO of AVIS (China), said that HiPhi is a benchmark for global TechLuxe® brands, and its three products, HiPhi X, Y and Z, are loved by consumers for their excellent quality and ultimate driving experience. The latest product, HiPhi Y inherits the essence of its first two flagship models and offers a unique experience never seen in this price segment. Through the strategic cooperation with HiPhi, Wukong Travel will better meet the needs of users for high-end new energy vehicles, and facilitate a better future of sustainable development with versatile green travel services.

From now on, Wukong Travel will take the lead in putting HiPhi Y in popular cities with frequent travel and business trips, and the service teams of both parties will respond quickly and an exclusive service group is formed after the customer places an order, providing one-stop service from car pick-up, car use to car exchange. The two sides will also provide door-to-door delivery and pick-up services, so that users can test drive HiPhi Y more conveniently and efficiently, and enjoy a green, intimate and pleasant travel experience.


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