Gahe Automobile realizes 5G vehicle-mounted communication connectivity between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Mr. Leung, a businessman who travels frequently between Macau and the Mainland, recently shared great news on social media: "The 5G Internet of Vehicles (IoV) of HiPhi is available now in Macau, which enables much more convenient travel experience for HiPhi users in the future”

With the increasing connectivity between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, more and more HiPhi owners experienced the efficiency and convenience of traveling in the Greater Bay Area. However, the 5G IOV cannot switch seamlessly between some areas, which makes cross-boundary travel not so convenient.

Mr. Liang recalled: "Before the IOV interconnection is available, many onboard intelligent functions can’t be used in certain areas, such as OTA upgrades, remote air conditioning, or other online functions. Sometimes, it’s not possible for my daughter to watch the whole cartoon on the passenger screen while traveling in the Greater Bay Area, so a smooth network experience became Mr. Liang's strong wish, and he shared his ideas in the exclusive service group of HiPhi car owners.


Although there is no such case in the industry, but HiPhi and China Telecom Tianyi IOT immediately established a team for Greater Bay Area interconnection project. Based on mutual understanding of HiPhi’s "Direct To Users", and after more than half a year of endeavors in technical solutions, just before the National Day of 2023, it finally connected all the nodes and completed the trail operation, becoming the first one to roam in Hong Kong and Macau with a Chinese mainland 5G Internet of Vehicles card. Now, Mr. Liang and his family can drive HiPhi car in the Greater Bay Area while keeping the on-board 5G network online all the time, with smooth display of map navigation and various entertainment experiences.

Over the past half a year, the technology, product and service team of HiPhi and the technical experts of China Telecom Tianyi IoT have deeply studied the differences in network standards, frequency bands and data channels of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and formulated detailed technical and implementation plans, which not only provided high-speed 5G network connection for vehicles in Great Bay area, but also ensured that the network connection is high-quality without any disconnection and speed loss during high-speed driving. During this process, as one of the first ones to buy HiPhi cars, Mr. Liang was deeply involved in the testing of the connectivity, and continuously provided feedback to the engineering team in system iteration. After hard work and continuous efforts, the team overcame lots of difficulties and finally achieved the interconnection of 5G Internet of Vehicles with high stability, speed and security. Every breakthrough represents the continuous pursuit of HiPhi, and the spirit of challenging the technical limits by both parties, in order to deliver excellent user experience.

Mr. Liang said, "As a car owner, I am the first witness of the 5G communication innovation of HiPhi and the first ones to experience it. I have tested various solutions with HiPhi and experienced major changes in communication technology as first hand. I was really excited when I finally saw the signal on the screen, and we had been waiting for this day for a long time. ”


Besides continuous update in 5G Internet of Vehicles, HiPhi also keeps optimizing the in-cabin entertainment experiences, so that users can enjoy high-speed and stable music and videos and real-time traffic and recommendations for nearby restaurants and attractions at any time during travel. This new travel experience has been warmly welcomed by car owners, and more users are constantly putting themselves in the co-creation platform of HiPhi and being part of the iteration of travel experience.

Mr. Leung said, "I find it convenient to travel between the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau with seamless internet connections. For my daughter, watching cartoons in the car has become a moment of joy for her. Thanks to the 5G Internet of Vehicles and advanced technology onboard, it brings more relaxation and laughter to our trip. ”


A Photo of Mr. Leung, a frequent traveller in the Greater Bay Area, and his friends pose for a photo with HiPhi Z.) In reply to friends online about the 5G Internet of Vehicles, he said: "Smooth connection in Greater Bay Area feels cool.”

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