Interview by - Ding Lei: Impress future consumers with brand

"We impress consumers, not the ones in the present, but from the future, with our brand. Only high-end products can bring together top talents and high-quality resources”, said Ding Lei, CEO of HiPhi.

China's new energy vehicles are rising rapidly, how to change the pattern of the international automobile market? Why did HiPhi position itself as a high-end brand from the beginning? How to stimulate China's intelligent car eco system? Recently, the interviewed Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of HiPhi, who watched closely on the upgrading and development of Chinese brands.

华人运通 what has the rapid rise of China's new energy vehicles changed the pattern of the international automobile market, and what are the new trends in the current new energy vehicle industry?

Ding Lei: First, the rise of China's new energy vehicle industry is closely linked to our national strategy, and our government has invested a lot in municipal construction, encouraging innovation in the upstream and downstream industries of new energy, including batteries, electric piles, and electronic control.

Second, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers in the Chinese market believe in new energy vehicle and its future.

Third, there are many innovative enterprises that contribute to the development of its industry.

Under the influence of these factors, China's automobiles, especially new energy vehicles, play a leading and important role in the world. In the future, the EV market of China will expand further to global landscape, driving faster revolution in upstream and downstream related industries, pushing Chinese market to a more mature state with energy-friendly and intelligent products being created and getting popular among Chinese customers.


Various segments of the traditional automotive industry will eventually transfer to new energy. China still has a long way to go in building high-end car brands and products, especially in branding, which is not built overnight, and premium car is not equal to high-priced car. This requires the efforts of the entire industry to truly build a world-class high-end brand in China.

In the long run, China's new energy market has great potential for development. Whether it is an enterprise or an industry, it should be planned orderly and in stages. Competition between different enterprises in different market segments should be fair and healthy. We shouldn’t just look at the benefits in the short term, but at the long term, and consumer’s trust is crucial. Why does HiPhi position itself as a high-end brand from the beginning?

Ding Lei: Because high positioning is actually an important path for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, only high-end brands can create high-end products, and only high-end products can bring together top talents and high quality resources.


Therefore, the birth of HiPhi A is to make the enjoyment of the classic car era by a few people, into the experience available by most people now, which is a reflection of technology advancement, and only high-end products can realize this.


华人运通 How to better build the industry chain and stimulate China's smart car ecology?

Ding Lei: The vertical industrial chain of the automobile industry is now being deconstructed, with the engagement of the Internet, information technology, AI technology, new materials and many cross-border technologies, transferring the automobile industry to a sunrise industry again.From oil to electricity, from machinery to intelligence, this is the biggest revolution in the history of the automobile industry.


In this process, the automotive industry becomes the largest platform to customers, and the technology that can be realized on this platform can be implemented and mass produced. We are working with ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd and WESAIL New Energy Automotive to build such a platform today, which is to integrate these cross-border new technologies into our first premium hyper car. Whether it is high technologies in electric drive, new materials, software algorithms and others, or the aspiration to inherit and evolve high-end classic sports car, we have found a great entry point and opportunities for mutual collaboration and empowerment, which is aligned with HiPhi’s brand proposition of High Fusion. Based on these collaborations, HiPhi A was born.

Car is not only a product, but also a carrier of social progress and scientific and technological advancement that has a huge impact on environmental protection and human society.

华人运通 What is the core breakthrough point to promote the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry?

Ding Lei: First, we must continue to cultivate the market from the perspective of the government, manufacturers and consumers, so that the new energy market is more mature, and consumers have more confidence in the products and price wars can be avoided. The government should continue the municipal construction to make travel more convenient.

Second, the whole industry should continue to invest in advanced technology, building a very solid foundation not only in industrial development but also in research.

Third, it is necessary to go to the world in an orderly and scientific way, and bring Chinese products and brands to the world. However, it is necessary to avoid the chaotic and disorderly competition, making sure the reputation of Chinese brands and Chinese products are not being damaged. To cherish the label value of Made In China, and win the global market steady and sound with concerted efforts.

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