HiPhi opens brand’s first experience center co-created with users in Macau

On January 11, 2024, HiPhi opened its first experience center co-created with the brand’s users in Macau, China. The opening coincided with the Macau debut of the HiPhi A, the hypercar for the next generation.

David Ding, HiPhi Founder, Chairman and CEO, delivered a congratulatory address via video link. The opening event was attended by top executives from HiPhi and WESAIL New Energy Automotive, the brand’s strategic partner, local dignitaries and HiPhi users from all over China. Event participants witnessed delivery of HiPhi X, Y and Z vehicles to Macau users.


"HiPhi Experience Center|Macau" is the first experience center co-created with the brand’s users, symbolizing the close connection between HiPhi and its user community. As a luxury intelligent electric vehicle brand, HiPhi adheres to the three development concepts of scenario-defined design, software-defined vehicle, and value defined through co-creation. The opening of the Macau Experience Center marks the extension of the product concept of value defined through co-creation into distribution channel development. With the joint promotion of the brand together with its users, HiPhi brings its unique technological luxury appeal to more people.

The Macau Experience Center is curated by HiPhi user ambassadors Sam and Donovan. As an owner of the complete range of HiPhi models, Donovan has a thorough understanding of the brand’s positioning and aspirations. He appreciates the futuristic design, innovative technology, handling performance and scenario-driven intelligent experience of HiPhi creations. "HiPhi Experience Center|Macau" opens a new chapter of building the brand’s future together with its users.



Recently, HiPhi implemented 5G telematics interconnection across the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau providing users with high-quality online services and intelligent mobility experience.

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