HiPhi has signed agreement with MEKO, a well-known service provider in Northern Europe, to deliver high-end aftersales service

Known as the "Land of Ice and Fire", Northern Europe is a highly imaginative market for electric vehicles in the world, among which Norway is particularly special, according to statistics released by the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV), the market share of electric vehicles in Norway has exceeded 90% by November 2023, ranking first in the world.


How to impress Norwegian car owners with HiPhi TechLuxe® DNA will be answered in every aspect after HiPhi landed in this beautiful fairy land. Recently, HiPhi announced its agreement with MEKO, a leader in automotive aftermarket in Northern Europe, to provide a full range of after-sales services with joint hands.

MEKO is an aftersales leader in automotive market with a profound background and long history, delivering services for a wide range of luxury brands. Oskar Gibas Hjertquist, Head of International Sales at MEKO, said that the partnership with HiPhi, a global automobile company aiming to redefine the future mobility, will further strengthen MEKO's capabilities in providing better services for users. Dramatic revolution is happening in the automotive industry, and the forward-looking and innovative efforts between the two parties is highly in line with MEKO's strategic development, and the future is promising.

Kjell Arne Wold, Director of Business Development of HiPhi in Europe, said that MEKO is a strong player in the Nordic independent automotive aftermarket with its diversified network and rich experience, and surely can it satisfy companies and consumers with its innovative solutions and products. He believed that the users will be able to embark on a premium and satisfying journey soon with HiPhi, a high-end EV brand.

Europe is the first stop for HiPhi overseas strategy, and HiPhi X and HiPhi Z have been available for sale in Germany and Norway, and have delivered since the fourth quarter of 2023. With the opening of HiPhi Experience Center in Oslo from the end of September 2023, HiPhi continued to attract the attention from partners, car critics and users all around the world. Recently, the host of Norwegian TV introduced HiPhi in a special program, said "this is the most sensational test drive I ever took for years!” after taking a test drive of HiPhi Z, a pure electric super GT, equipped with a 120kWh battery and acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, this car review editor-in-chief exclaimed, "This acceleration is really amazing!", and believed that this car is futuristic and high-techy from every detail, such as the flexible armor hub assembly with rubber insert covered on the 22 inch wheel hub, bringing mind-blowing visual impact. The intelligent NT doors (No Touch doors) of HiPhi X serve the unique user experience of an elegant and stylish entry and exit of the car. The smart cockpit enables users to control functions such as air conditioning and seat adjustment on the central screen. HiPhi X four-seater has a smart fridge in the second row, which can hold a bottle of champagne and two goblets, enabling leisure moment for precious owners. HiPhi designers absorbed the bold and graphic of visionary machines like spaceship and robots, and reflected it in streamlined silhouette and futuristic aesthetics of HiPhi cars, which reminds people of the spaceship from the sci-fi movie of Star Wars.


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