Luxury Electric Vehicle Brand——HiPhi

With society's continuous progress, environmental protection grows in importance. Traditional cars have been popular for many years, while petroleum resources they consume are, in a sense, non-renewable. In addition, pollution caused by vehicle exhaust should not be underestimated. Therefore, emergence of electric cars could be the best substitute for traditional cars. All automotive brands are catching up to the trend and exploring the path towards fully electric vehicles. HiPhi, powered by Human Horizons, undoubtedly represents the high end of the electric vehicle market. Since the debut of Human Horizons’ first model in 2019, the brand has gained a great influence. It has successively released two flagship products - HiPhi X and HiPhi Z.


As a high quality smart car brand, HiPhi is continuously working to push the limits of smart cars. In terms of quality assurance, HiPhi attaches utmost importance to user experience. Human Horizons adheres to the principle of co-creation with users, so as to redefine the luxury experience of future intelligent travel with the help of breakthrough technology. What makes HiPhi a top-tier brand? The team is the most important asset behind the brand. Ding Lei, HiPhi's founder, has over 30 years of automotive industry experience and has previously held many important positions. Qualifications of other core team members are equally outstanding. In addition to its own team, HiPhi also leverages the best teams in various industries through an interdisciplinary cooperation model. 


Thanks to this, each generation of HiPhi products draws from the top technologies and talents within  automotive parts industry. Taking Hiphi Z as an example, its body proportions make it different from traditional cars. It is uniquely cool and elegant. HiPhi concept of digital machinery is reflected in all its aspects. HiPhi Z's lighting system reflects the car's intelligence. This electric vehicle model uses second-generation PML programmable smart headlights and side door ISD intelligent interactive lights. It can create different atmosphere following user scenarios, deploying its energy to reflect personality. Lighting is just one of HiPhi Z's many special features. Electronic doors, air suspension, interstellar spacecraft cockpit design, digital robotic screen with multiaxial movement capability, etc. These are all waiting for the user to experience. 

HiPhi's LuxTech combination of design and performance opens up a new world of "science fiction vehicles".

(HiPhi will make every effort to update product information in accordance with the latest product information currently available.Please understand. There may be delays in updating product details website.Please consult HiPhi sales outlets for information on available models , model configurations,vehicles features,and refer to the

actually delivered vehicles for details.)