To realize the evolution from single intelligence on the vehicle end to hybrid intelligence on the road, to collective intelligence in the city, so as to achieve L5 autonomous driving. To materialize the ultimate goal of accident free, congestion free, road rage-free, driver(human)-free, a completely worry-free travel experience.

Since January 2019, the world's first Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) is being delivered through HH's "Open Urban Road Test Project for Sensor Data Fusion and Computational Coordination" technology

Lidar/Radar/High Precision Cameras
Edge Computing
Road Sensing System
Cloud Computing Center
5G-V2X Communication Equipment
The first effective solution of L5 autonomous driving for all scenarios is available. Human Horizons takes the lead in realizing V2X Collaboration technology based on 5G through “sensing collaboration”, “computing collaboration” and “intelligence collaboration” of Smart Vehicle and Smart Road. Using “Road Sensing”, “Cloud Computing” and “Onboard Control” technologies as building blocks, the “Smart Road” Demonstration Project simulates and integrates complex and detailed real-life traffic scenarios. As a key part of the “Smart Road” Project, HH has developed “H.H. Pilot” (for autonomous driving), “H.H. Parking” (for autonomous parking), and “H.H. RSA-C” (Road-Sensing Architecture for V2X Collaboration), enabling the vehicle to deal with multiple and complex scenarios in real-life traffic. The three technological platforms work together to ensure road safety, alleviate traffic congestion, and efficiently allocate road resources.
Cloud-Side Dispatching
Road-Side Sensing
Vehicle-Side Control